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How Homeopathic Flu Medicine Can Help You Improve Your Health

Homeopathicflu medicine¬†occ, over the counter,¬†boiron, If you have contracted flu andcolds, you don’t need to rush to take medication if you don’t want to feel theside effects. Homeopathy can help reduce it, homeopathic medicine for swine flu with minimal side effects becauseit has been diluted.

Homeopathy is a form of treatment of choice where health practitioners will treat patients using drugs that have been diluted. Some research does show that homeopathy is no more effective than an empty drug or placebo, but there is no harm in trying because the basic ingredients of the drug have been diluted so that it can be the least side effect.

1. Homeopathic treatment to ward off colds and flu

Homeopathic flu medicine, Both drugs are very effective when you get a cold one time, namely:

a. Oscillococcinum

Oscillococcinum is created from the goose liver. Goose is not infrequently exposed to not a few viruses, and will foster immunity in the liver. By taking this medicine, someone will get that immunity.

This drug is safely taken together with prescription drugs. This drug is also safe for children or the elderly, and does not cause a drowsy effect. Various clinical trials that indicate good results on the use of this drug.

Instructions for use: Oscillococcinum can be consumed 12 hours each to prevent colds.

b. Influenzinum

Influenzinum is created from the same flu vaccine substances formed by the World Health Organization (WHO). This drug is modernized every year and with substances prepared in dilute amounts, to then have a homeopathic effect.

This drug is used instead of the flu vaccine, which works by triggering the body’s defense system to fight the flu virus. Action of this drug by increasing the immune system.

Instructions for use: Influenzinum is useful after thedelivery of one, at the initial stage of fever, or as prevention. Homeopathic medicine for flu and cold Therecommended dose is once a day for about a month.

2. Homeopathic treatment for the initial stages of fever

a. Aconite

Homeopathic flu medicine, cvs, o, Aconite is a drug that is shown for early fever or fever that comes on 1 hourafter being exposed to cold winds. This drug can work better at the stage ofsudden onset disease and persistent phenomena. Someone needs aconite if theyfeel thirsty enough to want to drink cold water, anxiety, and anxiety.

b. Ferrum Phosphoricum

Ferrum Phosphoricum is a good drug used in the onset of fever when there is no clear phenomenon or there is no sign of deficiency with inflammation. Can also be used in low-grade fever. In addition, it can also be used for mild coughing and headaches.

c. Gelsemium

Gelsemium can be used to overcome the many symptoms of flu. These symptoms are classified as dry throat, dry cough, runny nose, and feeling sick. Gelsemium is a good medicine for bronchitis.

d. Vincetoxicum

Vincetoxicum can be effective in treating rapid onset fever,which is in 1-6 hours. oscillococcinum homeopathic flu medicine These symptoms are classified as weakness, fatigue, bonepain, and chills. Vincetoxicum can also be beneficial for conditions,including:

– Treatment of viral infections

– Cough is not organized and sore throat feels bad when swallowing

– Patients who feel a mild fever but feel the warmest

Note: If you have a fever of more than 5-7 days, try to seekmedical help immediately. Or if you feel increasingly lethargic or weak,
homeopathic medicine for stomach flu immediatelyconsult a doctor.