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Here’s What No One Tells You About Cold Prevention Medicine

Cold prevention medicine zicam, Manypeople want to vacation in cold areas so they can feel the coolness of the air.However, in fact not all people like cold temperatures. People who have cold allergies,aka cold urticaria, definitely avoid what is cold. If not, itching will attackand prevent activity. So, common cold prevention medicine what drugs can be used for people who are allergic tocold?

In some people, cold urticaria, aka cold allergy, can disappear by itself after weeks or months. Actually there is no exclusive cure for this situation, but there are a number of drugs as treatments and prevention that can help.

Doctors often advise you to avoid cold delivery. These calories do not help, we may need drugs with exclusive recipes that are more patent.

Before you use medication for cold allergy treatment, consult your doctor for your situation. Reporting from DermNet New Zealand, there are a number of medicines commonly used for biduran when cold allergies recur. Following are the medicines.

1. Antihistamines

Antihistamines are very common drugs used in cold allergic problems. Histamine is a vasoactive chemical. In other words, histamine has an effect on small blood vessels (capillaries) to widen. Histamine affects the nerves near parts of the body which results in itching of the hives.

As the name suggests, new cold prevention medicine antihistamines are drugs that stophistamine work. Histamins are often released when this situation occurs on theskin:

• Insect bites

• Hives, angiodema, and anaphylactics

• Poisoning

• Urticaria pigmentosa

With the presence of antihistamine drugs, the effects of histamine released while feeling cold allergy will be suppressed to minimize the effects of itching.

Antihistamines can be obtained in the form of tablets, injections, or creams. Injections are only left to severe allergic problems.

2. Systemic corticosteroids

Systemic corticosteroids have a profound anti-inflammatory effect. Systemic corticosteroids delivered by mouth (taken by mouth) or by injection called systemic steroids. There are a number of types of systemic steroids, one of which is prednisone and prednisolone. Both are drugs that are very often prescribed for people who feel inflammation of the skin.

Prednisone is very often delivered for the morning. Theinitial treatment using prednisone is often given for 2-4 weeks first, cold and flu prevention medicine thenfurther results will be witnessed – whether it needs to adjust the dose againor enough.

Coldprevention medicine airborne, boots, Theuse of this drug must be started with consultation to the doctor first beforethere are side effects that can occur since taking this medicine. Especially ifyou drink in high doses (more than 20 mg per day). Side effects that can becaused include:

• Sleep disorders

• Eating appetite increases

• Gaining weight

• Increased blood sugar 2 hours after meals

• Certain psychological effects

3. Leukotriene antagonists

This drug is also called antileukotriene. This drug inhibits leukotriene substances which give rise to inflammation.

This drug is basically often used to treat asthma. But this antileukotriene has other uses, namely:

• Prevention and cure of asthma in children and adults.

• Treatment of seasonal allergies (hay fever) which are stimulated by allergens from the extraordinary pollen from trees, grass, or weeds.

• Treatment of allergies stimulated by allergens in the room such as dust mites, mold spores, or animal hair.

• To deal with many types of biduran problems, classified as bidurans for cold allergies.

4. Omalizumab

Cold prevention medicine, Omalizumab or also called Xolairis a second-line drug therapy for healing biduran. Reporting from the MayoClinic page, cold sore prevention medicine this drug will be prescribed for people with cold allergies whohave not succeeded in using other drugs. For example antihistamine drugs orsystemic steroid drugs.

This medicine cannot be used carelessly, given by injection on the surface of the skin each 4 weeks. This drug can be used for teens and adults.