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natural thyroid medication

natural thyroid medication

Natural desiccated thyroid—known as NDT, thyroid extract, and porcine thyroid—is a prescription thyroid medication that’s derived from the dried endocrine of pigs.

Natural desiccated thyroid was the primary factory-made drug accustomed treat adenosis and has been obtainable for quite a century.

The Shift to Levothyroxine

For the primary half the 20 th century, natural desiccated thyroid—namely, the whole referred to as Armour Thyroid—was the sole treatment obtainable for adenosis. within the Nineteen Fifties, an artificial sort of thyroxin (T4) was developed. thyroxin is one in every of the 2 key hormones the endocrine produces. This artificial thyroxin was referred to as levothyroxine, or l-thyroxine, and was promoted as a additional fashionable treatment possibility for adenosis, compared to natural desiccated thyroid.

Unlike levothyroxine, that could be a synthesized version of the T4 endocrine, natural desiccated thyroid contains 2 key thyroid hormones—T4 (thyroxine) and T3 (triiodothyronine)—as well as thyroid hormone, ANd alternative components found in an organic endocrine. a traditional endocrine produces primarily T4 (the storage hormone) and a few T3, and also the T4 is reborn into T3, the active endocrine, to be used by the cells and tissues of the body.

Levothyroxine has been the popular treatment of the traditional medical world since its introduction. (Some of the unremarkably well-known brands of levothyroxine embrace Synthroid, Tirosint, Unithroid, and Levoxyl). Natural desiccated thyroid medication, as well as whole names Nature-Throid, Thyroid WP, Armour Thyroid, and Acella’s generic natural thyroid drug NP Thyroid, have remained on the market. ‘

These medication still draw criticism and hearth from standard physicians and competitive  drug corporations, UN agency label it as “old-fashioned” and superannuated. Meanwhile, a set of thyroid patients has continued  to like natural desiccated thyroid over levothyroxine, possible because of the presence of each T4 and T3 hormones within the natural desiccated thyroid, versus simply T4 in levothyroxine.

Natural Desiccated Thyroid Versus Levothyroxine

The issue of natural desiccated thyroid, versus levothyroxine, has been disputable for many years. Despite 0.5 a century of use, once the introduction of levothyroxine, physicians oft argued against the utilization of natural thyroid medication, stating that there weren’t studies showing it to be safe or effective.

For fans of natural desiccated thyroid, there was necessary news for thyroid patients that came out of the Endocrine Society Annual Meeting, that happened June of 2013 in city. per a presentation created by Thanh D. Hoang, DO, employees specialist of the Reed National Military center in Bethesda, MD, natural desiccated thyroid medication ar viable alternatives to internal secretion replacement treatment with levothyroxine.

For this study, Dr. Hoang conducted a irregular, double-blind, crossover study to match the effectiveness of natural desiccated thyroid versus levothyroxine as a adenosis treatment. The study evaluated a complete of seventy patients, UN agency ranged from the age of eighteen to sixty five, and every one had primary adenosis.

The patients were every which way appointed to a bunch that took either a natural desiccated thyroid drug or levothyroxine, for a complete of sixteen weeks. The studies were blind, that means that patients didn’t grasp that of the 2 medications they were receiving.

At the top of the study, the patients were asked that drug program they most popular. curiously, virtually 0.5 the group—specifically, forty nine percent—referred the natural desiccated thyroid treatment, compared to virtually nineteen % UN agency most popular levothyroxine. regarding thirty three % of the patients did not specify a preference.

Of specific interest: Dr. Hoang conjointly rumored that the patients taking natural desiccated thyroid lost roughly 3 pounds throughout the study amount, compared to the patients taking levothyroxine, UN agency didn’t lose any weight.

Dr. Hoang told Endocrine Today: “We did not notice any variations within the neurocognitive measurements between the 2 therapies…We currently grasp that once-daily desiccated thyroid extract could be a safe different treatment for patients with adenosis UN agency don’t seem to be happy with levothyroxine treatment. It’s AN possibility for them to undertake, and conjointly desiccated will cause modest weight loss in these patients also.”