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Why Is What Is Hiv Positive Considered Underrated

What is hiv positive and aids mean – When we are infected with HIV, you would have it for life. HIV there are no drug. It follows that created HIV becomes a daunting nightmare in the middle of the community. Moreover, if HIV positive couples heard. We might even also the worry was about infected with HIV from him. Because, the HIV virus transmitted very easy through sex.

What is hiv positive

Then when you’re living the same House with someone who is HIV positive, we need to understand ways to trial on themselves from HIV transmission. One way is by taking medication PrEP.

Should I drink PrEP if HIV positive couples?
So the doctors know that our HIV-positive couples, he will often submit the prescription medication PrEP for you. Medication PrEP (pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is an antidote to cure the transmission of infection to people who are at high risk of contracting HIV. Quoted from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PrEP is the combination of two HIV drugs tenofovir and emtricitabine that IE was marketed under the name Truvada ®.

Thus, how important is it for you to drink PrEP if HIV positive couples? The answer, it must have because it is very urgent and most necessary. Still, according to information from the CDC, PrEP is one of the effective techniques to ward off HIV when used consistently. You are advised to drink this medicine once a day to ward off HIV infection transmission from HIV-positive couples.

Prep can protect us in maximal of HIV be transmitted past the anal sex after 7 days of usage. In the meantime, PrEP can be maximum of trial of HIV through vaginal sex and needle usage after 20 days of consumption. These drugs can be tolerated well by the body for up to five years of usage.

Still have to use a condom when the question of sex, although routine drink PrEP
However, no automatic 100% PrEP made you free from HIV. Used alone, its efficacy solely about 92 percent to lower our risk of contracting HIV.

To further increase its effectiveness for the sake of warding off HIV, remains pentinguntuk yourselves to not uncommon times to practice safe sex by using condoms. Routine drink PrEP and always wear a condom when concerned sex with HIV-positive couples can guarantee us 100% of the risk of HIV transmission.

In addition, the use of condoms can also submit You protection from the risk of other sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea (gonorrhea) or chlamydia. Drink PrEP just isn’t going to trial on you from the risk of venereal disease.

Important any time undergo tests for HIV and venereal disease regularly together. What else do I need to know about PrEP?
The drug belongs to prep a minimal risk of side effects to the extent that it is safe to be consumed. The side effects are a very common PrEP is the nausea, but not severe to interfere with daily activities.

You can also terminate delivery of HIV risk if the PrEP is declining. For example, we stop worked at a sex partner or no longer wear syringe together. However, we still need to see a doctor if mengonsultasikan is planning to discontinue the use of the drug on this one.
How the techniques of HIV?
HIV is present in body fluids, blood, sperm (semen), vaginal fluid and breast milk. HIV is always transmitted when an HIV-positive person’s body fluids entry into the blood stream of another person.

That HIV can be transmitted through:
Sex without a safety net (sex without a condom)
Usage with needles and other equipment to inject drugs.
Piercing or tattoo that is not sterile.
Mother and daughter around the time of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.
Blood transfusions and blood products or in a number of other countries. In Australia, blood transfusions and blood products classified as safe.
HIV cannot be transmitted through:
Crying (tears)
Tools and dining plate
Bedspreads and pillowcases
Toilet and bathroom
Through regular social contact.
Insects, like mosquitoes for example.
Although there is no cure to HIV, there are treatments that can control the virus to the extent that people living with HIV can live healthy and productive. These drugs are called anti-retroviral (ARV). They did not destroy the HIV, but they slow down the increase in the number of viruses in our bodies and destruction on your immune system.
Maybe you have heard about people using the ‘ anti retroviral ‘ which told that HIV could not be found again in the tests of his blood. This happens because the viral load goes down “to the bottom of the limits that could not be detected”. This does not mean there are no HIV again in the body of the person. Even means that the amount of virus already down once to test ‘ viral load ‘ cannot detect or measure it. The sharpest decline this is avail of the ‘ anti retroviral drugs ‘. And What is hiv positive and hiv negative but undetectable.

The best person to say about care is a specialist HIV. If the doctor we are not seasoned with HIV/AIDS, you create an appointment with doctor dalat in sexual health clinic. Any major hospitals have specialist HIV. AIDS Councils in the country’s myriad elements and the territory can ever suggest we for healing and service.

It needs known about treatment:

HIV treatment is the most effective treatment yet for a lifetime.
You need to charge the treatment as recommended by Your doctor, and make sure to not got one.
Some people find the side effects. If you feel it, tell Your doctor immediately.
Drugs can affect our treatment techniques work. If Andasedang in care and planning to do drugs, talk to your doctor or care on AIDS officers Councils. What is hiv positive undetectable mean.
Do anti-retroviral is a decision that requires urgent and discussion with your doctor. Take some time for questions and make sure we have all the information we need.
“I initiated HIV treatment a number of years ago. Sebelumtersebut I don’t rarely sick and taken care of on site live ill a number of times. Treatment has improved and easy to do. My health is much better and I feel good. It is worth taking the healing “.

Therapy-complementary therapies
Some people with HIV to wear other types of therapy, either alone or with their anti-retroviral. As with any medicine, there are no format therapy complement can cure HIV.

Complementary therapies are categorized as a traditional medicine, Hypnotherapy, meditation, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy and massage.

It is urgent to tell Your HIV specialist if you wear one, as a number of can interfere with the healing of HIV What is hiv positive urdu.