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What is a Prep Pill

Prep hiv pill med medication cost – The recommendations of the panel are all doctors and scientists of the U.S. Government-funded that healthy people can wear AIDS medicine to ward off HIV virus causing not a few supporters aspired to that destination ‘ AIDS-free generation ‘ may be achieved.

prep hiv pill

Food and drug Watchdog Agency of the United States (FDA) held a hearing explanations for 12 hours on May 10, and then to evaluate evidence that Truvada, a pill is eaten once a day that when it is used to treat all AIDS patients can also worn to ward off HIV infection in healthy people.

An independent panel of medical experts concluded all to support the wearing of Truvada to ward off HIV and urged the FDA to approve the drug so that it is to be used by people who are considered high risk have contracted the disease.

Lindsey is the time Board member of the National Minority AIDS. He said, “using an antidote drug Truvada or before exposed, to ward off ill with HIV, to an HIV negative is a big change, and that’s something that I’m sure will really take us to the next level.”

Some critics wrote down the Truvada can give people false confidence and can result in a decline in the use of condoms. But HIV educator Brad Miller convinced the drug actually will encourage dialogue about the use of condoms.

“They would know a little more about their health and what they can do for trial on their health,” said Brad Miller.

Lisa and her husband, Tracy, who suffered from HIV positive, is one of the approximately 140,000 couples in America with the position of HIV are not the same, where solely one of a couple who contracted HIV.

“These women are more concerned about me than about what infect me. Because many people near here, if they hear this affair, would run away, “says Tracy.

Lisa chose to not conclude the relationship, but then was married to Tracy, and else try Truvada. Prep hiv pill cost how to get prep hiv pill.

“I want to stay healthy, so that at times she needs, I was there to help. So when PrEP available, I use that opportunity, “said Lisa.

Prep refers to pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, and Tracy was a strong supporter in order to PrEP. ..

“PrEP help. I think that is one of the Affairs of the yangsangat positive they can generate, together with their research about the disease-fighting techniques, “he added.

Currently belongs to the order of waiting to trial where he will get the drug away free PrEP, Lisa worried about cost – as high as $1,500 per month.

“I just wanted that they’ll PrEP mengamini, that not a few different people who live in such an atmosphere the atmosphere is sayabakal have these resources there are for them,” said Lisa.

Prep hiv pill commercial Food and drug Watchdog Agency of the United States are not required to follow the panel’s recommendations regarding Truvada, but FDA officials finalize all meetings were not the least covered by saying no a little more to implemented to ward off a bit more HIV infections occur.