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What do you feel if hiv positive means

Hiv positive means you have aids death – HIV testing is carried out to detect HIV in the early hours, to the point that doctors can recommend appropriate preventive or healing. HIV test results that we get are definitely depends on the type of test what we went through. HIV test results may be positive or negative, but the HIV diagnosis alone is not as easy. Then how can we understand the results of HIV tests? Refer to the following information.

Hiv positive means

Understanding the results of HIV testing
1. negative test results
A negative test result is not necessarily in other words you are not infected with HIV and clean at all. No such thing as a window period, i.e. the time between someone infected with HIV and when the test can accurately detect the virus. Window period varies for each person and also the opposite depending on the types of HIV testing.

So when you undergo HIV testing in 3 months after the submission of the HIV virus and the results were negative, You need tested again in the following three months to convince.

If you understand that we are HIV-negative at the last test, we can be sure we are still negatively if You do not already have the potential delivery of HIV (not doing things that are at risk for HIV) since our last test.

Negative test results were not immediately mean that your partner is HIV-negative matter. HIV testing solely applies to the person who is tested. Better partner you also join the HIV testing telugu.

2. reactive test results
Reactive test result was positive results that perhaps need to be confirmed by additional laboratory tests, before final results of HIV positifbisa given.

You must submit a blood sample which would again be sent to a laboratory to be tested. Our diagnosis will not be handed over until the extra tests were completed. At this stage, it is very urgent to follow the advice of a doctor to monitor the phenomenon of HIV and ward off virus infections.

3. positive test results
If the HIV test result is positive, we mean we are HIV positive. These results indicate that HIV was already detected in your body.

Fortunately, when there are treatments to HIV which will create You stay healthy. HIV test results we only supplied with health workers who might fall in your care.

Health officials generally will submit a referral to the treatment plan. If we are pregnant, you would be given a treatment to ward off the transmission on your baby. In addition, you will continue to be informed and asked to pay attention once the infection is tuberculosis (TB). Especially when you are living with someone TB or who wishes to go to the District of endemic.

You need to initiate treatment as soon as, perhaps to stay healthy and to minimize our chances of spreading HIV to other people. Antiretroviral therapy or ART suggested for the entire people with HIV, no matter how long you have been infected or how healthy your situation. Hiv positive means.

HIV growth slows and ART help trial on your immune system. Undergo a healing ART on a regular basis and disciplines can create You stay healthy around the years as well as very minimize risk of HIV transmission to others.

HIV test results that are not accurate
In addition to the three test results above, there are two test results mentioned is not accurate, i.e. false negatives and false positives Hiv positive means aids.

A false negative result is failure in detecting the presence of antibodies or antigens in a person who turned out to be infected with HIV (i.e. the error of identifying HIV-positive people as HIV negative). This could be a big happening around the window period, when antibodies and antigens could not be detected.

Instead, tests that erroneously reversed the positive results in people who are actually HIV negative is known as a false positive. This is perhaps going to non-HIV antibodies if misidentified as antibodies against HIV.

The risk of positive results from a single test in fact can be a false positive, then there’s little doctors who prefer to write down that the HIV test result is positive rather than reactive. That way, you would be required to retest working on convincing results.
If we are proven to be free of HIV Hiv positive means what, you have to control Your health status, running the healthy living patterns, and avoid things that can create You infected. However, if you do have HIV-infected, continue the healing and immediately consult a doctor in order to further treatment.