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The Death Of How Is Hiv Transmitted..

How is hiv transmitted through sex – The spread of the HIV/AIDS virus is the more alarming. How not, the entire people with AIDS or HIV antibodies against the virus carriers are perceived can pass the infection to others.

How is hiv transmitted

What actually is HIV and AIDS?

HIV is short for Human Immunodeficiency Virus dapatmengakibatkan AIDS with techniques of attack the white blood cells CD4 cells name yangmempunyai to the extent that can damage the immune system of people who in the end could not withstand the distractions Although the disease is very lightly though quizlet.

The HIV virus attacks the CD4 cells and turned it into a breeding site HIV recently rose to ruin it to the extent that can not be used anymore. Without the immune system when under attack of illness then your body has no patron. The impact is that we could have died ordinary colds be exposed to impacts.

AIDS is short for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome which is a result or effect of the HIV virus proliferation developments in the body of any living being. HIV takes to cause the deadly AIDS syndrome and most dangerous.

The AIDS disease is caused by a weakened immune system or disappearance that had belonged to since CD4 white blood cells that are not a little marred by the HIV Virus. When we are exposed to the HIV Virus, you are indirectly exposed to AIDS. To become AIDS needed for a long time, namely the a number of years in order to be able to be the deadly AIDS. Currently there is no cure, vaccine or serum that could cure people of HIV causes the disease AIDS.

In order to be spared from HIV/AIDS, try to find out the interesting fact about HIV/AIDS. Of which:

1. oral sex is not as secure as that thought.
Oral sex was not rare times perceived as technique’s safe “” doing sexual intercourse. Based on research, an infected body fluids like semen and vaginal secretions containing focus high HIV can enter the blood stream passes through the mucous membranes of the mouth.

2. Syringe alternately.
In lots of cases, it seems to have transmitted HIV passes through one or more of the four routes: sexual contacts, the administration of drugs: injections with contaminated needles, administration of blood and blood products, and of the elements of the virus from the mother infected for the unborn baby. After four years of monitoring AIDS in the United States, there is no evidence that indicates the transmission of HIV infection or AIDS, food passes by arthropods, or from a regular relationship. Similarly, there is no problem of HIV/AIDS or have been associated with discharging imunoglobulin or hepatitis B vaccine. in Africa.

3. HIV is not indiscriminate.
The HIV epidemic since it opened 20 years ago, the stereotypes circulating in society about HIV that is all gay drug users, commercial sex workers dansemua was the one who got the label. The fact is, the whole people can be exposed to HIV, from old, young, rich, poor, women, men, and children and of the many kinds of professions. during pregnancy

4. Yet there are drugs to the HIV/AIDS.
Although people with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) can live longer thanks to antiretroviral drugs, these drugs do not cure. If these drugs are not opportunistik infection melindungidari “shortcut ” from HIV infection. This drug even result in side effects like diarrhea, excessive tiredness, nausea and vomiting, redness.

5. don’t always afraid of pregnancy.
Many women believe, the only risk of unprotected sex is concerned is therefore not a few pregnancy who use birth control pills, avoid oral sex and ejaculation outside the body in order to counteract the pregnancy. In fact, it still does little things to be concerned about the pregnancy on the side i.e. the presence of sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) like syphilis, herpes, belongs to HIV that can be life threatening.
As between very dangerous diseases, HIV and AIDS are covered in the many myths. In some cases, misunderstanding about the disease has led to a number of behaviors that have resulted in more HIV-positive people did little.
Although still not a few questions left unanswered, researchers have pursued a number of realities about HIV and AIDS, to the extent that people do not misunderstand. The clinic staff the clinic doctor in Jakarta, Angsamerah Adyana Esti, wrote a hoax created disquiet among certain groups and even the public at large.
The lie could exacerbate the stigmatization of people with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and impeding the work of medical personnel in campaigned to prevention and cure of HIV/AIDS PEOPLE LIVING with HIV. Not wrong, this is a number of very common myths about HIV and AIDS that are equipped with the fact supporters. Why? How is hiv transmitted amongst drug abusers. How is hiv transmitted.

. Myth: HIV/AIDS could be transmitted past the razor usage or back and forth in a family or a haircut.
Fact: the use of a razor alternate between the family and the haircut does not transmit HIV/AIDS. The virus easily die in space. However, the use of razors in turn is not recommended, not because the spread of HIV/AIDS, but because the problem of hygiene.
2. Myth: HIV/AIDS could be transmitted past the discharging equipment dining interchangeably between healthy people and PEOPLE LIVING with HIV.
The facts: HIV/AIDS is not transmitted past the social contact including discharging equipment dining interchangeably with PEOPLE LIVING with HIV. The virus is indeed found in saliva, tears, and sweat, but the numbers are small and not quite strong in order to be transmitted to another person.
3. Myth: the HIV Virus could be transmitted past the canned food that’s been injected with blood containing the virus. Canned food in the process of passing the sterilization process to the extent that the virus die.
4. Myth: the HIV virus could be transmitted past the kiss.
Fact: this assumption wrong, because the HIV virus in saliva is small and is not fair to be transmitted to others passing through the kiss. The HIV virus live in T cells, one of the elements of human white blood cells. T cells appear throughout the body fluids, but a great many are found in blood, semen, vaginal fluid and breast milk.
5. Myth: the HIV Virus could be transmitted past the infected needle plugged into cinema seats
Fact: regardless of whether there are needles in a cinema, the HIV virus die easily in space. The virus without host namely blood, semen, vaginal fluid and BREAST MILK, was about to die is not enough of a minute.
6. Myth: HIV is transmitted when swimming in public pools empang.
Fact: the pool contains chlorine which speed up the death of the HIV virus.
7. Myth: HIV is transmitted past the used clothing
Fact: some people feel the need to wash used clothing or wearing apparel with boiling water. The goal is not about chastity but in order to avoid the transmission of HIV/AIDS. But this assumption is not true at all. Transmission of the virus can be passed through the use of needles that are not sterile (especially to drugs), unsafe sex and an breast feeding on infants.
8. Myth: HIV is transmitted past the pads contaminated
Fact: has been circulating information about a specific barcode with pads that contain the HIV virus. Though not true if the virus can be transmitted past the pads.
9. Myth: the transmission of diabetes and cholesterol around Checker
Fact: the needle to diabetes and cholesterol test does not have a hole of blood storage. The HIV virus are in free space would die in a time of one minute is not enough.
10. Myth: PEOPLE LIVING with HIV should not use Antiretroviral (ARV) causes can damage the liver and kidneys.
Fact: up until this time, the right medicine to PEOPLE LIVING with HIV is the ARV and until now he has not felt a kidney or liver problems. How is hiv transmitted from mother to child, through blood transfusion.

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