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Myths About How Do You Get Hiv.

How do you get hiv – It took years for HIV disease 5-10 in order to give rise to a serious phenomenon and the effects on the body. The long journey here that creating a Andamesti can be anticipated as early as possible so as not to be exposed to HIV. One of them is to understand the media transmission and what activities can be the entrance of HIV in your body. Full Simakpembahasan this is it.

How do you get hiv

Various Affairs that can be so media HIV transmission
In essence, the HIV virus can be transmitted solely pass through certain body fluids in the body, including:

Liquid pre-seminal (the liquid that rises before ejaculation)
Vaginal fluid and rectum
Breast milk
The way of transmission is when fluid from a person who HIV feel positive contact with the wound, a broken chain, or directly injected into the bloodstream in people who are not infected with HIV (HIV-negative).

Meanwhile, HIV can be transmitted will not pass through air, tears, saliva, sweat, feces, and urine (urine). The HIV virus is not going to be able to be transmitted by mosquitoes, fleas, insect or other blood suckers towards people with HIV.

In addition, the HIV virus was not infectious when you designate shaking hands, hugging, or kissing with people exposed to HIV. Inidiakibatkan due to lack of blood contact or other bodily fluid into a medium of transmission of HIV.

The various techniques of HIV
1. To have sex without a condom
Sex behavior is the way of HIV transmission are very common … Well past the anal sex and vaginal sex, both can transmit the HIV virus when an infected person does not wear a condom or not menjalanipenyembuhan HIV.

Anal sex is very risky sex behavior and very allows us more easily exposed to HIV. While working on sex analtidak times bleeding rarely impact the existence of friction, to the extent that the HIV virus can enter the body easily passes through the blood.

Meanwhile, oral sex is not outrageously risky to transmit HIV. But still theoretically perhaps occur if there are mouth or gums that bleed. This can create the HIV virus that wound and flows into the blood stream.

Therefore, you are advised to wear a condom about sexual, whether vaginal, oral, or anal. So, sex You would remain secure at once engrossing without being exposed to the phobic must risk of sexually transmitted diseases. How do you get hiv

2. The use of syringes
People who inject drugs, hormones, steroids, or silicon dapatterpapar HIV when wearing a syringe in turn. Inidiakibatkan may still contained blood that stuck to the syringe from the previous user is HIV-infected. Because the HIV virus, the sendiribisa live in the syringe around over 42 days, depending on temperature and other things.

In addition to the risk of exposure to HIV, the use of syringes in turns can also increase the risk of exposure to disease of hepatitis B and hepatitis c. Cause of this disease, the two transmitted past the blood.

3. Transmission from mother to infant
HIV transmission from mother to infant could happen when pregnancy, childbirth, until through the BREAST MILK when breast-feeding. Then, all wanitadianjurkan to immediately undergo HIV testing, either before or while pregnant. If the result is positive, then you should immediately HIV in order to lower the risk of a baby we participated are exposed to HIV when  he emerged later.

4. work on site stayed sick
Health workers were not exposed to the risks of escaped HIV. Because, they are not rare times dealing with the blood of the patient or the many syringes adalahmedia HIV transmission. However, the risk is low since it can include guaranteed them self protective tool wear (gloves) to ward off blood or fluid splashes of affected patients.

5. Blood transfusion and organ transplantation
How do you get hiv HIV can also be transmitted past the line a blood transfusion or organ transplant, although the risk belongs to the least. Because due to the most rigorous vetting procedures before working on blood transfusions or organ transplants, including health charities test according to certain criteria and testing HIV sensitively and accurately. The goal is to assure the absence of certain contagious diseases which could be switched to a recipient of blood or organs.
6. Consuming foods that are chewed by people with HIV
It is more possible to happen on an HIV baby. Transmission can occur when blood from an HIV-infected mother mixed with food to absorb, then submitted to her baby.

Unlike when you’re eating food that was created by people who are exposed to HIV. This is not about HIV transmission will be the not of blood or fluids contaminated the food. This is because any virus can not survive on cooking and if allowing persist also later would be destroyed by stomach acid you.

7. Tattoo and piercing
HIV transmission through this technique belongs to the most rare. However, it still does not shut down when a device could be used for tattoo and piercing in situations not sterile and there is blood containing HIV.

How do you get hiv If you want to make the tatto or piercing how do you get hiv, you must the formalities such as what to wear to ward off HIV transmission and other infections of the process. Make sure any needle must be new and sterile for each man.

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