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11 Tips With How To Prevent Hiv

How to prevent hiv aids virus – HIV is a deadly and infectious disease caused by the human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV attacks the immune cells resulting in a decrease in the sufferer’s immune system. The treatment is carried out only in order to slow the growth of the disease as well as controlling the symptoms and avoid complications, to the extent that sufferers can lead a normal life. There are not a few complications of HIV disease that easily result in death in people with HIV, who has become HIV/AIDS (immune CD4 cell count below 200).

How to prevent hiv

Prevent complications most crucial for sufferers of HIV/AIDS to his survival. The following are some of the stages of prevention can be done:
1. Control and undergo HIV healing with regular

Some complications occurred because of HIV infection has been severe and result in a syndrome of HIV/AIDS. Undergoing HIV healing is well able to control the number of CD4 immune cells (i.e. types of lymphocytes are attacked by HIV) so fixed and not under 200.

Some of the complications of HIV/AIDS can be avoided by wearing ART (antiretroviral therapy) as the mycrobacterium avium complex infection (MAC or illness due to the bacteria), pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP), cytomegalovirus (CMV), and dementia. Consult a doctor on a regular basis at least twice a year, even each month if necessary.

2. Live a healthy lifestyle and not uncommon times keep hygiene

With living a healthy lifestyle as a healthy diet and regular exercise, HIV can escape from a number of complications like cancer, lipodystrophy, and still not a little more. Keep the sanctity of themselves by frequently washing hands could lower the risk of opportunistic infections like CMV, the transmission passed through saliva and urine. In addition, do any of these things:

Clean, wash and cook food until it is cooked.
Avoid eating foods that are raw or not cooked enough.
Avoid washing the dirt fauna or wear gloves if you have to clean it.
Avoid keeping domesticated fauna off site live or let it roam free in order to avoid carrying a pet germ fauna at risk into the House.
Do not ingest the water when you swim in the pool or Lake empang because it could contain germs.

3. Avoid infection

Some opportunistic infections like tuberculosis (TB) is transmitted as the air passes from coughing or sneezing. As HIV, so you wear protective masks as the tool and avoiding people who are coughing or sneezing so that you are not contracting. You try not to near-close to a person suffering from an infectious disease like TB, both at home, in the workplace, or anywhere else.

4. avoid crowded locations

The lively place or means of public circulation of air is not good enough is the environment inhabited by not a few germs. Avoid places like this so that HIV is not easily affected by the disease. Different places such as location lived pain, clinic, places that are humid, or any vulnerable prison there are not a few germs.

5. avoid usage of syringes, smoking, and alcohol consumption

HIV sufferers would more easily exposed to infectious TB if consuming alcohol and wearing a syringe of narcotics. Any smoking increases the risk of opportunistic infections are exposed to PCP in people with HIV/AIDS.

6. Prohibit the transmission of

If we are HIV, keep ourselves and other people. Barring transmission against ourselves and our people is different from either HIV infection or other opportunistic infections like TB. If you have been taking drugs TB about 3 weeks, you would not have been able to transmit germs. Use condoms when intimate concerned can also ward off transmission of CMV.

7. Consuming drug prophylaxis of doctors

Doctors can submit the antibiotics klaritomisin and azitromisin executables if CD4 cell count below 50 us to ward off a MAC. When the number of CD4 cells have been above 100 to 6 months, you probably can stop the use of antibiotics. The use of drug prophylaxis can also ward off other infections like PCP, CMV, etc. stigma
8. routine checking of the reproductive system to women

Women HIV try to exercise the pelvic exam (pelvic) and pap smears are arranged to ward off infections, even the presence of cancer of the reproductive system.

HIV/AIDS is a disease with many complications that can lead to death. Therefore, working on preventative measures as that reviewed above. In addition, the evolution of lifestyle to a healthier can help improve health. Do not got around to not uncommon times underwent therapy healing are structured and regular health checks to doctors who deal with You, Yes!
And here’s a number of ways to avoid HIV transmission that you will see more information. How to prevent hiv transmission from mother to child infections.
To understand the infection and HIV transmission
Understand the techniques of HIV attacks the body of the sufferer. HIV attacks and destroys CD4 or T cells in the blood which is beneficial to fight viruses or bacteria to another, creating its victims susceptible to infections and other diseases. [1] the HIV requires T cells to reproduce themselves, to the extent that this virus cannot live in a body element that does not have blood cells, like skin or hair.
A person who has been infected with HIV called HIV positive ” ” or HIV + ” “. Someone who suffered from AIDS ” ” it almost  cell CD4nya, or imunnya system has been very dilapidated so patients feel the ” ” opportunistic infections or cancer  with infection.
Reduce the risk of transmission of the Virus is passed through sexual contact

Reduce it risk sex. Your chances to contract the HIV would be smaller if not working on sexual relationships, minimize the number of sexual partners, ask Your sexual partners to HIV, tested and/or limit your sexual relationship exclusively with the couple  sex with another person. Select one or more techniques iniialah a great way to reduce HIV transmission, could be using condoms as explained below.
Ask Your long-term sexual partners to HIV-tested  sex without condoms. Many people who contracted HIV did not understand that they are infected with a virus that. Spreading without condom.

Prohibit the exchange of bodily fluids around sex. HIV can oral sex, vaginal, or anal if one or more people contracted HIV +. However, there are ways to reduce, but not stop could be the transmission. Always use a latex condom or female condom latex when concerned with new couples sexual, couples that have not been tested for HIV, or if you have not a bit of a sex partner. While working on oral sex, pussy or anal, disposable LaTeX dental dam or without lubricant, condoms cut-open in order to avoid direct contact with the mouth.
Warning: goat skin condoms do not ward off infection, as have microscopic holes that can pass the virus. Polyurethane condoms can prevent infection is not as effective as latex condoms.
90,000 passes through Syringe

Stop injecting drugs usage if possible How to prevent hiv aids and sti. You can be infected with HIV by using a syringe previously used by HIV. This can occur even though the needle looks clean. Because it is not a little injection drugs create addiction, rather difficult to resist injecting opportunities although you understand that needle suntiknya unsafe. The injection of a substance abuse recovery program is highly recommended in this issue.