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The Ultimate Revelation Of Cold Medicine For Kids

Cold medicine for kids toddlers, baby – Cold cough can affect anyone regardless of age, ranging from adults to children. But if a cold cough has begun to attack make your heart, then the business will be the most disturbing their activities everyday. A cough accompanied by a cold and flu can actually be easily healed without having to consult a doctor or also take medicine from a doctor’s prescription. Here we submit many ways to treat cold cough in your child without the need to take medicine, as follows:

cold medicine for kids
1. Take a break
Many diseases can be cured solely by adequate rest, especially in children. Children are not infrequently famous for being more active than adults, and with coughing and cold, the viruses that cause coughs and colds have attacked the child’s immune system. And if children are not cared for to continue playing or do their daily activities, then there are children – your children will become more ill before because their immune systems are decreasing. To be able to reverse their immune system as before to the extent that the body can fight viruses – viruses that cause coughs and colds, your children should rest sufficiently.
2. Drink water
There are two types of cough, namely dry cough and cough with phlegm, both types of cough can cause dehydration in your child’s body. And with a cold, it is possible that the snot in children will be the most difficult to remove. Therefore, how good if your child is allowed to consume lots of water. Especially warm water. Warm water can ward off the body of your child dehydrated and can also minimize and relieve sore throats caused by the technique of coughing up colds in these children. Warm water can also help your child to publish snot because warm water can melt mucus and mucus to the point that it will be easier to remove. Especially for babies who are not enough 6 months of age who are breastfed it is recommended to suckle more frequently as a substitute for warm water.
3. Honey
Honey is one of the cold cough healers that has been stated by not a few doctors and all researchers. It was mentioned that by consuming honey the business can relieve cough especially at night. Madua was declared a very effective cough healer in children. The content of honey is pronounced to be more effective than the content of modern cough medicine. Next is the procedure for consuming honey suitable for your child’s age. For children aged 2 to 5 years can be given honey as much as 1/2 teaspoon.
• For children aged 6 to 11 years can be given 1 teaspoon of honey.
• For children over the age of 11 years a total of 2 teaspoons can be handed over.
4. Salt water
The salt you normally use to use as a food flavor turns out to have benefits that you never knew. In children who are still small, salt water solution can be used as a snot that is difficult to get out. The way to create it is also quite easy, namely by mixing half to one teaspoon garak into a glass of warm water then dropping it into your child’s nose for two to three drops. In children who have started to grow, the salt larvae can be used as a mouthwash that can kill germs and bacteria contained in your mouth and can treat coughing.
5. Chicken Soup
Beside the taste is delicious, chicken soup has also been shown by a number of studies as food and cough medicine. Warm chicken soup turns out to be able to relieve cough and runny nose, especially in children. For better results you can add home-made and natural spices that can treat cold coughs and also relieve inflammation and irritation in the throat. The spices are like, ginger, galangal, onion and different.
6. Shallots and garlic
Shallots and garlic are equally known as cold cough medicines that are effective in children. Shallot mixed with baby telon oil can be applied to the child’s body to give a warm feeling to the child’s body and minimize coughing and thinning mucus and mucus. While garlic can be made into syrup, you can add honey to deliver the sweetness to the extent that your child wants to drink it. Garlic according to information from the researchers containing substances that can kill bacteria, these substances are allicin substances.
7. Lime and Honey
Cold medicine for kids dogs, pregnant women, lime and honey concoctions are one of the ingredients of a cold cough medicine that has been used since the days of your ancestors and has been proven to be the most effective coping technique for colds in children. How to create a lemon and honey concoction is very easy, all you need is juice that has been squeezed lime and mixed into warm water. You can add not a lot of honey, so give up the sweetness and taste mentioned before, honey is also the best natural cough medicine for children.
8. Turmeric Milk
Turmeric is a very good spice and at least contains little benefit. Turmeric has been trusted by all your ancestors as among anti-bacterial and full of efficacy. Sound is also very effective to be used as a reliever and to treat cough cold in children. How to create a mixture of turmeric milk is very easy, which is simply by mixing turmeric powder into warm milk. This turmeric milk concoction is given to your child to be consumed twice a day.
9. Olive Oil
As mentioned before, red onion and telon oil can give a warm feeling and even relieve coughing in children, so olive oil has the same effect, especially in infants. Olive oil is one of the essential oils that can make it easier for babies to breathe, especially when your baby has a nasal congestion due to a cold cough. Olive oil can be used by applying it to the baby’s body with a gentle massage. You can also make the olive oil grinder by mixing eucalyptus, peppermint oil and rosemary.
10. Steam
Cold medicine for kids, How to create steam to smell when your child has a cold cough is very easy. You just need to boil water then add a number of spices like ginger, turmeric, galangal and other kinds of spices. Then your child can smell steam. This steam can smooth the nasal congestion and relieve cough. It’s good if your child does this therapy twice a day and about fifteen minutes. Another way to cope with a cold cough in a child, in addition to the ten techniques above, below are some other techniques for dealing with and treating a cold cough in your children as follows:
1. By drinking ginger tea. How to create ginger tea is also quite easy, namely by mixing ginger slices into warm tea. Eat fruits that contain not a little water and vitamin C like oranges and watermelons.
2. Drink fruit juice but will not add sugar or artificial sweeteners.
3. Eat bananas.
4. Eat lots of high nutritious foods.
5. By rubbing the balm on the child’s body. Balm not rubbed under the nose. Balsam which contains a combination of a number of ingredients that can relieve and overcome cough cold in children and help your child to rest well.
6. Avoid consuming foods and drinks that can make coughing cold in children worse by consuming ice, candy, chocolate, and fatty foods. If you are a smoker, then avoid smoking cigarettes in front of your child when they are coughing cold because cigarette smoke will only make the cough worse.
7. Many add garlic to the food
8. consume elderberry tea. The way to make it is also very easy, by mixing elderberry extract into warm tea. The way lainguna treats cold cough is as follows:
• Inhale onion fragrance.
• Drinking ginger water that has been collected with honey.
• Drinking lime juice that has been collected with pure honey.
• Exercise in the morning, starting from 5 am to 6 am. It can be jogging or relaxing.
• Eat small portions of food with high nutrition.
• Sleep with a high pillow
• Gargle with incense and warm water.
Such are the techniques for treating cough cold in children. Hopefully this list will work and you can try it when the children feel a cold cough.