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Seven Shocking Facts About Head Cold Medicine

Head cold medicine while pregnant, while nursing, while breastfeeding- The head is one of the elements of the body which is very important and crucial. Because the entire system contained in the body is controlled directly by the head. Although biologically, it is not the head who regulates. But the mind is inside the head. Then, when something happens, the problem is immediately felt. For example, a cold head can also cause head sweating.
Maybe you often understand or have been used to heat head phenomenon. Usually delivered with high fever. If the hot head is a format for symptoms of the disease. Then you are ready to immediately run a cure that was previously known what the disease is. Then, if the head is cold, do you know?
Well, before entering the review I will ask a question. Have you ever had a cold head? What does it feel like? Do you experience any headaches? Feels like yellow and so on? So what about the cold head? Is it a certain disease phenomenon? See the following information:
Understanding Head Feeling Cold
Maybe some of you have this problem. The head feels the coldest, even it feels like it’s put into ice. Bisapun because the head causes sweating. How can such feelings arise? Where did the cold head sensation appear? What is a disease?
It turns out that the phenomenon of head feels cold can be a phenomenon of disease or not. This depends on any phenomenon that accompanies when you experience cold head problems. For example, do you have a numb or burning body part. Or there is a feeling of tingling and a feeling of pricking – puncture. Because this can be a symptom of an illness.
In medical science, this situation is called paratesia. Namely, the symptoms are similar, almost the same as the tingling body situation. It’s just that the tingling occurs in the body parts of the body, like hands and feet. While the head feels cold this occurs in the head element. This is caused by a lack of blood flowing in the organs of the body.
Causes of Head Feeling Cold

head cold medicine
Head cold medicine breastfeeding, high blood pressure, safe for breastfeeding, many people who feel head problems feel cold. Good because the phenomenon of a disease or not is good. Before moving on to the material, you need to know why someone can have this cold head phenomenon. See the explanation as follows
1. Symptoms of migraine
The cold head that you feel can be a form of a disease. For example, like migraines. Although this penyakut is not a dangerous disease, the impact is extraordinary. Because he attacked without knowing the times and circumstances. Even when you have migraines, it is an emergency to stop the activity. The pain in the head becomes unbearable. Know first the causes of migraine right and left to overcome the problem. There is not little danger that migraines are not uncommon for the body.
2. Risk of sugar disease
Symptoms of diabetes or diabetes are diseases that need to be watched out. Because he is included in the ranks of chronic diseases that are difficult to cure. Usually attacks young and late adults. These cold head symptoms can be among your symptoms of developing sugar. For this purpose, be aware of your lifestyle.
3. The existence of disorders of the brain nerves
The sensation of the head feels cold, it can be the cause of a nerve problem or problem. This can occur when there is a problem that is wrong with the brain element. So that this disorder can appear to you. We cannot be sure of what the disorder is like. But for more detailed excavation of information, you can do an examination on the doctor.
4. There is interference with brain chemicals
The different causes that are present when you feel a cold head are due to interference with brain chemicals. This also cannot be predicted directly. Because you have to do further examination. It’s just that, having a problem in the neuro transmitter of the mind can also cause your head to feel cold.
5. Effect of food or drink
Feeling a cold head can be a cause of external influences. For example, from the food and drinks you consume. Because of the difference in temperature from the outside that enters into it, a chemical reaction occurs in the body. One format for the reaction is to feel the head feel cold.
6. The effect of drinking soda
Head cold medicine uk, for heart patients, for toddlers, for diabetes, it turns out that soda can also cause you to have a cold head sensation. This is caused by the powerful taste of soda provoking your body. As a result the mind that feels normal will feel ‘cess’ like cold put in ice cubes. This does not need to be suspected of being too deep. This sabbath is merely an ordinary body reaction.
7. Because of nervousness and nerve
Sometimes when you are going to come forward with a presentation or appear in front of a crowd, it feels the coldest. Even your head arrives – landing feels put in ice water. Why ? This is caused by hormonal instability that is dominant in the body’s chemical compounds. Of course this matter doesn’t need to be watched out. Because this is merely a harmless side effect.