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12 Things You Need To Know About Flu Treatment Adults Today

Flu treatment adults at home, 2018 – Influenza will certainly create uncomfortable sufferers and inhibit daily activities. Influenza or commonly known as flu or runny nose will make the phenomenon of sneezing, coughing, nasal congestion, sometimes even fever and a number of other symptoms appear. Although influenza appears to be a trivial disease, the patient’s activities are certainly disturbed. Moreover, if influenza occurs prolonged and does not go away. So the matter is suspected to be a phenomenon of a particular disease or because the activities of the sufferer are wrong. Then what are the causes? See the explanation of the 12 causes of prolonged influenza as follows to understand the cause.

Flu treatment adults
1. Often not getting enough sleep
Sleep will help someone with influenza melt the immune system and keep their immune system strong. When you have a cold, try to have the patient not rest a little. The aim is to help the body that is fighting viruses or infections. This break is very urgent for the first 3 days exposed to the virus. Insufficient or weightless sleep | weighted | quality can also make a healthy person susceptible to flu. People who don’t get enough sleep for more than 3 nights will be more susceptible to illness and get a virus than people who rest 8 hours each night.
2. Body fluid weakness
When you have the flu, the body will easily dehydrate or weaken the fluid. Though people with flu will create sufferers who are lazy to eat anything, classified as water. The next thing that creates flu sufferers becomes a long time to heal. So, drink not a little water, soup or juice. All fluids that enter the body will not only facilitate metabolism but can also help remove mucus or mucus from the base of the nose and drainage of the throat. It’s best to drink 8 glasses of warm water per day so that your nose and throat feel more relaxed and warm.
3. Being stressed
When someone is stressed or depressed because of many things, this business will be dominant in the immune system. Someone who is stressed becomes difficult to fight the incoming virus as a person who is not stressed. This condition will make someone more susceptible to colds, or more susceptible to difficulty recovering from the flu to the point of prolonged flu. Prolonged stress will make the body less agile in response to cortisol. Cortisol itself is a hormone that controls the body’s response to the threat of foreign objects such as viruses and bacteria.
4. Incorrectly treating disease
It is possible for someone to be wrong and diagnose themselves that another disease is a common cold. Someone might have treated the flu for a number of days, even for a number of weeks. But the treatment is not quite right, to the point that the drug has no effect. So, make sure in advance what causes the flu before concluding to treat it. If the flu occurs because of a virus, then adjust the medication. If the flu occurs because of bacteria, then give the right antibiotics. If the flu occurs due to an allergy, then give antihistamines and keep away from allergens. If the flu still occurs in a prolonged manner, it is better to consult a doctor for proper and fast diagnosis and healing.
5. Incorrect coping techniques
Flu treatment adults uktamiflu Maybe some people have heard of natural or herbal medicines that are popular and marketed freely as cold medicines. For some people, the drug is felt capable of treating flu only in short and complete times. However, it must be remembered that not all herbal medicines on the market and considered as such are truly effective in overcoming the flu. Many people think that taking vitamin C supplements can speed up recovery from the flu. But in fact, it is merely a bit of scientific evidence that agrees on that matter that vitamin C can really help healing. Actually, in order to treat common cold, you are not bad just by taking herbal medicines or vitamin supplements, but you have to touch the cause yourself, which is a virus.
Even antibiotics won’t help, because the cause of flu is basically a virus. While antibiotics are useful for killing bacteria (except if a cold occurs because of a bacterial infection like sinusitis, rhinitis, or other). The best way to help cure influenza (which is caused by a virus) is to minimize the severity of the symptoms. Then when the symptoms have subsided or diminished, flu symptoms adults no fever add the right herbal medicine or vitamin supplement to help strengthen the immune system.
6. Don’t want to rest
Indeed, there is nothing that does not allow someone to continue to move if the flu phenomenon strikes. As long as the flu phenomenon is not severe and merely attacks several bodies, someone may even be able to exercise lightly everyday. But if the flu phenomenon has been felt by the whole body, this matter means the body gives a signal to start sleeping fully. Flu symptoms that begin to worsen for example chest tightness, abdominal pain, fever, muscle aches, coughing, and fatigue. So, you should not continue to suspend the situation of the body that is flu. And allow the body to rest properly and give time for the body’s immune system to do its work naturally.
7. Allergy
12 The most common cause of prolonged influenza is due to allergies. Allergy occurs if the body’s immune system is too active so if there is an allergen in, the immune system will attack it and look at it as a virus or bacteria. Allergies can occur if someone is around an allergen. Allergens in flu are often shaped like dust, pet dander, mites, or plant pollen. Allergies can also be caused by wood powder flying, flour, and others. When allergies occur, the immune system will react to allergens. The cells in the nose are often more sensitive and will pick up histamine and other chemicals when in contact with the incoming allergen. As a result, the nose will become inflamed and cause a phenomenon such as the flu phenomenon. Flu symptoms that occur when allergic between different coughs, stuffy nose, sneezing, and body aches or pains. These symptoms often appears quickly after the nose hair touches the allergen. Allergies can also last a long time, depending on how long someone is near an allergen.
8. Sinusitis
Sinusitis is inflammation or swelling of the wall tissue lining the sinuses. Sinus is a room containing air that is in a position behind the ears, nose and cheekbones. Sinus is above the eyes. flu remedies adults Sinusitis occurs if the sinus is blocked and filled with substances beside the air (usually fluids). As a result, germs (including bacteria, viruses, and fungi) will grow slowly and infect the area resulting in infection. If sinusitis is not treated immediately, then a prolonged flu will occur and it will be difficult to heal. So if the phenomenon of siusitis is felt, then immediately consult with your doctor so that you know how to cure right.
9. Nasal polyps
Nasal polyps are swelling of the nasal membranes that occurs in respiratory drainage (nose and sinuses). Nasal polyps do not infrequently cause any phenomena of disease if they are small, but will show flu-like phenomena if they are large in size. Symptoms include congestion, nasal discharge, or mucus dripping into the back of the throat. Usually nasal polyps are accompanied by olfactory disorders, sleep disorders, and feel there is pressure on the face. If a phenomenon like this occurs, then immediately do an examination to cope with the polyp itself.
10. Rhinitis
Rhinitis is inflammation or irritation that occurs in the mucous membrane elements located inside the nose. This rhinitis is divided into two, namely allergic rhinitis and nonalergic rhinitis. But allergic rhinitis is very common. Whereas non-allergic rhinitis often occurs due to bacterial infections. If a bacterial infection occurs, then see a doctor to find out the right medicine. Usually the best use of bacterial drugs is antibiotics.
11. Weak body resistance
Someone who is exposed to prolonged flu can just happen because his immune system is weak. flu symptoms adults 2018 If the immune system is weak, then someone will be the most difficult to recover from his illness, classified as this flu. Someone with a weak body resistance can be indeed because the condition of his body is weak, can also be due to age, or it could be because someone is attacked by another disease like cancer. It could be because someone has HIV / Aids.
12. Weather
Prolonged influenza can also occur due to weather conditions. Cuacad can cause the spread of the virus to spread to spread faster and wider. If such weather occurs, it will be easiest for someone to catch a cold. And if there are still many viruses in the sky, then the flu will continue to enter and infect, so the flu is difficult to heal and becomes prolonged. This kind of flu needs to be resisted by using a mask or barrier on the elements of the nose and muluts so that the virus does not spread and so that the virus does not easily enter the body again.
Flu treatment adults antiviral. That is a number of causes of prolonged flu that might just happen. To speed up recovery from prolonged flu, then do the following.
• Use a mask or nose cap when traveling so that the virus is not easy to get in and spread.
• Get enough rest so that the body can do its job to fight the virus.
• Maintain the durability of the body with any healthy technique.
• Perform a healthy lifestyle.
• Stop smoking and avoid cigarette smoke.
• Stop drinking alcohol.
• See a doctor if there is an unusual phenomenon.
• Use appropriate healing.
• Avoid allergens for someone who is allergic.
• Avoid eating foods that result in mucus production.
• Drink plenty of water, eat fruit and vegetables, and nutritious food.
Thus 12 causes of prolonged influenza that can happen to someone. flu symptoms adults If the flu occurs prolonged and does not go away, then immediately do the right treatment. Do the examination to the doctor to understand the exact cause of the flu to the extent that treatment can occur precisely and quickly. Hopefully this article is useful. Take care not infrequently health so that the body is not easily attacked by a virus.