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The Reasons Why We Love gum disease treatment at home

The Reasons Why We Love gum disease treatment at home

Gum disease treatment at home– Speaking of oral health, the first business that is often remembered is teeth. Even though gum inflammation is no less painful than a toothache. For those of you who feel inflammation of the gums, try using the gum pain medication below.

Gum inflammation can be caused by insufficient maintenance of the health and purity of teeth. Initially this situation arose dental plaque which then became a tartar if it was not purified for two days. If it has become tartar, itwill be difficult to clean. 

And the longerthe corals and plaques are in your teeth, the higher the risk of gum irritation which can cause the gums to bleed easily and swell.
We can get this gum pain medicine in the kitchen

To overcomegum inflammation, this is a gum pain medication that you can treat at home.

• Baking soda and water
Baking soda is not only used to create cakes. If mixed with water, thenthese two ingredients can be used as medicine for gum pain. Brushing yourteeth with this combination can neutralize the acid contained in the mouth thatcauses gum problems.
• Warm water and salt

Gum disease treatment at home, In addition to the combination of water and baking soda, warm water mixedwith salt can help you deal with gum pain. This mixture can kill bacteriaand minimize inflammation. Mix a glass of warm water with not much salt, then rinse it for about 30 seconds. This mixture of warm water and saltcan reduce the swollen gums. But what you need to remember, too often notrinsing with a combination of salt water is not good for your teeth. So, make sure we are not excessive in using it.

• Green tea
Green tea is not only able to reduce cholesterol and good for the skin, theantioxidant content contained in it also serves to reduce inflammation orinflammation that occurs in the body. So, green tea is also relied on torelieve gum pain and is effective in minimizing bad breath.
• Honey
This one gum medication, though sweet, but contains antiseptics and naturalantibacterials that can reliably control infected gums. You can use honeyas a medicine for gum pain after brushing your teeth. Apply not a lot ofhoney solely to the diseased gum element and avoid applying honey to the toothelement.
Besides using a number of natural ingredients above, you can also overcome gumpain due to inflammation of the gums by using mouthwashes, toothbrushes, andrubbing gum elements with fluoride toothpaste, drinking good water, not eatingfood or drinks that are too cold and too hot and not smoking.

Gum disease treatment at home, Gingivitis that is left idle can develop into periodontitis, and can cause serious complications such as inflammation of the elements in the gums. Keep your teeth and mouth healthy. If gum pain arises, try to use a number of the ingredients above as gum medicine and consult your situation for the dentist to get proper treatment.