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The Miracle Of what causes hepatitis c

The Miracle Of what causes hepatitis c

What causes hepatitis c– What is hepatitis C? The term ‘hepatitis’ means inflammation of the liver. This inflammation can be caused by chemicals, drugs, too little drinking alcohol or the number of types of viruses. Hepatitis C, or “hep C”, is caused by the hepatitis C virus.

Is hepatitis C the same as hepatitis A and hepatitis B?

Hepatitis A, hepatitis B and hepatitis Care different viruses that cause inflammation of the liver. The method of transmission is also different. You can get vaccinations to prevent hepatitis And hepatitis B, but there is no preventive vaccine for hepatitis C. There maybe a hepatitis virus that is the opposite of the same period.

About one in one hundred people in Australia and around the world are infected with hepatitis C, and not a few people don’t know that they are infected. A person can be infected with hepatitis C without knowing it because the symptoms can take years.

How can you get hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is transmitted when infected blood enters the blood stream of an uninfected person. This is called blood to contact blood. Even though the amount of blood is the smallest to be seen bynaked eye, the virus can still be transmitted. Many myths about how to transmithepatitis C, it is very urgent to remember that:

Hepatitis C can be transmitted through:

High risk

• Non-sterile medical instruments or medical devices at the dentist and traditional healing with body piercing techniques. The method of transmission of hepatitis C above is not uncommon in not a few countries. Blood donations, vaccinations and medical formalities in Australia are safe.

• In Australia the problem of transmission of Hepatitis. C is more or less caused by the use of syringes used by other people, classified as steroids.

• Tattoos and body piercing with non-sterile devices.

Low risk

• A needle-punched health worker.

• Transmission from mother to child may occur around containing or after giving birth if the mother is infected with hepatitis C.

• Blood transfusion in Australia before 1990.

• Using different people’s items that may have blood left behind, such as razors and toothbrushes.

• contact from blood to blood around sex.

• Needle puncture wounds from used drug needles thrown in public places.

What causes hepatitis c, Hepatitis C is present in all countries in the world. Until now in Australia it is still at risk, even so in your country are born and all other countries.

Hepatitis C CANNOT be transmitted through:

• Use of one toilet by not a few people.

• Use of eating utensils and drinking devices together.

• Coughing, sneezing, kissing or hugging.

•             Swimming pool.

• Bites of mosquitoes or other insects.

What is the impact of hepatitis C?

Out of 100 people suffering from hepatitis C,

• 1 in 4 people can be cured naturally, within a period of 12 months.

• The remaining 75% are still infected with the virus in their body, but they may not enjoy the symptoms.

• Without healing, about 30 of them will see symptoms, which will be experienced in periods of 10 to 15 years.

• After 20 years, about 10 will develop liver disease without treatment, 5 of them will be exposed to liver failure or liver cancer.

Most sufferers do not experience the phenomenon of hepatitis C. If you experience symptoms, often the usual symptoms are: not often times tired, nausea and pain in the lower abdomen.

Hepatitis C use test

Hepatitis C test needs to be carried outif:

• You have received transfusions or blood products, vaccinated or medical formality in another country, and are not sure enough to go to medical devices.

• Never find traditional treatments, tattoos or body piercing unsterile.

• Ever used drugs that were injected, or used their tools together, or helped someone inject drugs (including steroids)

• Have been in prison and used drugs that were injected, classified as steroids, or used their tools together, had tattoos or piercings; use a razor and use a shared toothbrush.

• Not sure about sterilan tattoo equipment and body piercing.

• Received a blood transfusion before February 1990 in Australia.

The only technique for assessing whether you have Cialah hepatitis is a blood test. You can ask your doctor to take this test. Can also ask the doctor about hepatitis C and hepatitis C tests.

You have the right to ask for a translator, who will guard your secret.

Some sexual health clinics submit free hepatitis C tests and maintain confidentiality. we don’t need to have a health card (“medicare card”) to come to a sexual health clinic.

Hepatitis C and personal health

It is very important for hepatitis C sufferers to work on an examination by doctors, and to guard their health as best they can. Hepatitis C Council in your area (Hepatitis C Council) will provide support and information about living with hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C treatment

New treatments are available to treat hepatitis C. This treatment is effective, easy to implement and has few side effects.

This new treatment does not always have a 90-95% chance of recovering from hepatitis C, but even the healing period is shorter than before. This can be prescribed by a general practitioner (doctor) even by specialists, which makes it easier for sufferers to be treated.

A new treatment called Direact-Acting Antivirals or Daas and in the form of tablets. In some cases, different drugs called Ribavirin and pegylated interferon can be included in the treatment. Pegylated interferon is submitted in the injection format.

Treatment takes between 8-24 weeks and is recommended for all hepatitis C sufferers.

Prevention of hepatitis C in the community

In all the world, transmission of hepatitis C can be prevented through:

• Blood tests that will be donated (“screening”) ./ li>

• Provide sterile injections and education for drug injection users (minimizing risks).

• Sterile general and traditional medical practices.

• Sterile tattoo practice and body piercing.

Needle and syringe programs (“Needle and Syringe Programs” or “NSP ‘) help reduce the dangers of injecting drug users in Australia and in all the world.

What causes hepatitis c, It has been proven that “NSPs” in Australia are quite successful in preventing hepatitis C transmission. The program minimizes the negative influence on the person, family and community caused by this disease and saves billions of dollars for the community.