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Hepatitis B and C Can Be Cured This Way

Can hepatitis c be cured – Hepatitis is still a disease that does not infect the Indonesian people. Riskesdas 2007 data write that there is one in 10 people in Indonesia who are infected with Hepatitis B. Besides Hepatitis B, as for Hepatitis C. Although similar and both attack the liver, both of these diseases are caused by different viruses. Hepatitis B is caused by a DNA virus, while Hepatitis C is caused by an RNA virus.

Can hepatitis c be cured
Hepatitis B and C are contagious diseases, which when left unchecked can spread to other people through blood or sperm and vaginal fluids. Unfortunately, this disease usually does not cause a phenomenon so that few sufferers do not realize that they have been infected with a virus. Hepatitis must immediately find treatment so that the virus does not damage the liver which can endanger the health of the patient. if caught early, with a liver transplant, with interferon, can hepatitis c be cured twice, and
Based on information from Agus Waspodo, internal medicine specialist, consultant hepatology gastro enterology, ASRI Hospital, Jakarta, healing that can be carried out to cope with Hepatitis B and C is as follows:
Hepatitis B
Can hepatitis c be cured without treatment, by itself.Hepatitis B treatment is determined according to laboratory results. In patients with acute hepatitis B often will be noticed for six months to not care about the body’s resistance to work against the virus. If within six months, it does not heal, then the sufferer will be classified as a chronic hepatitis B sufferer. The treatment is divided into two, namely:
1. Nucleoside analogues
This treatment is submitted in the format of drugs that must be taken. This is a long-term treatment, to the extent that the patient consumes the drug for at least two years.
2. Immunomodulator
Unlike nucleoside analogues, immunomodulators are delivered with techniques injected once a week at 48 times or one year each.
Both healing is given to reduce the growth of the virus and prevent the virus from causing liver damage, or develop into liver cancer. With both types of healing, Hepatitis B sufferers can get healing. But it still must be noticed after finishing healing to make sure the virus doesn’t come back again. “So when the treatment has passed and is determined to be cured, the patient must remain vigilant for the next two years,” said Agus.
Hepatitis C
Just like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C rarely causes phenomena so it is not uncommon for sufferers to not realize. Hepatitis C treatment will be carried out when the patient steps on to chronic hepatitis C status. At the level of chronic hepatitis C, the type of healing done is by combining immunomodulatory healing with anti-virus. Both of these healings are most ideal for treating Hepatitis C. A person with Hepatitis C must undergo this cure for about one year. This treatment is also carried out to inhibit the development of the virus so as not to cause severe liver destruction, like liver cancer.
The success of healing Hepatitis B and C can hepatitis c be cured totally and naturally depends on the severity or development of the virus that has lodged in the body of the patient. In addition, it also depends on the patient’s immune system to fight the virus. The faster it is detected, the greater the chance for patients with Hepatitis B and C to be cured. For this reason, it is highly recommended for people who have a high risk of suffering from Hepapatitis C to do periodic examinations.