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Guidelines for those of you who live with hepatitis C

Guidelines live with hepatitis C

Is hepatitis c curable– Hepatitis C is a viral infection that occurs in the liver. Mostly, hepatitis C occurs in long periods of time. Of course, many types of treatment are needed to counteract the occurrence of more serious complications, such as liver cirrhosis or liver cancer. However, the most important business is yourself, how you start our health and your environment so that hepatitis C is not getting worse.

There are physical and psychological factors that you can do to help you live with the hepatitis C that we have. The following are tips that you can apply.

Tips for guarding physical health for people with hepatitis C

1. Apply a healthy eating pattern

When we have hepatitis C, eating nutritious foods and realizing healthy eating patterns will help our hearts work better and reduce the risk of hepatitis C that we will develop into cirrhosis of the liver or damage your liver. Choose from the many types of foods that are made from wheat, fruits and vegetables, low-fat milk or other milk-based foods, and foods that are rich in healthy proteins like fish, lean meat and dried beans.

2. Overcoming loss of appetite

Some of the side effects of hepatitis C drugs are loss of appetite. To minimize the feeling of weakness in the effects of lack of food, try to eat not much by little, but often. Avoid eating spicy or sour foods. For fighting the bitter taste in your mouth, you can eat a spoonful of yogurt half an hour before your meal.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol

Hepatitis C lowers liver skills to destroy alcohol and throw toxins from the alcohol in your body. If we continue to drink alcohol when you have hepatitis C, the consequence is that our heart is getting worse and accelerating the occurrence of liver cirrhosis. Therefore, at least it is recommended for hepatitis C sufferers to drink alcoholic beverages.

4. Active physical activity

When we get hepatitis C, exercising regularly can help you increase the quality of our health in bulk while tackling the side effects of the drugs we drink, like weakness and depression. Sports that are ideal are activities that cannot be carried out in a stable tempo, for example walking or swimming. Consult with your doctor about what exercise is most suitable for you.

5. Maintain ideal body weight

If you are superior to weight or obesity, fat will accumulate in the liver and create hepatitis C that we are getting worse. Conversely, the ideal body weight can overcome the problem. Start stringing strategies to minimize your weight if you overdo it. Maybe it can start with first creating a mission to minimize 10% of your body weight. Avoid any extreme diet, because the matter can cause tension in your liver.

6. Overcoming fever and pain

One of the side effects that you might experience from hepatitis C drugs is symptoms such as if you have a cold. For relieving fever, drink plenty of water and take a warm bath. To relieve pain in your muscles, massage the muscle elements that are sore by being compressed by hot water. If you want to take painkillers, consult your doctor first.

7. Be careful with supplements

For people with hepatitis C, supplements can actually cause problems. For example, supplements containing vitamins A, D, E, and K. If your body is superior to iron (a problem that is not uncommon for people with cirrhosis), avoid supplements that contain iron and are rich in vitamin C.

8. Get enough sleep

People who have hepatitis C do sometimes feel insomnia, after all during the treatment period. In fact, it is very urgent to have a decent sleep so as not to aggravate the symptoms of existing health problems, for example weakness. There is no exclusive cure for this problem, but you can take the following steps:

• Go to rest in the same period each day. Likewise with waking up, wake up in the same times each day.

• Make your rest room really just for sleeping locations. There is no pet fauna, TV, work desk or gadget.

• Make sure the room temperature of your location is a comfortable break.

• Use soft ingredients for your pajamas, blankets and bed linen.

• Avoid lunch breaks.

• Avoid exercise, eat heavy foods, or alcohol 2-3 hours before your break

• Resting medications can also help, for example zolpidem.

Tips for guarding mental health for hepatitis C sufferers

1. Reduce stress

Is hepatitis c curable, Living with chronic diseases like hepatitis C can indeed create you stress. If you have begun to feel stressed, try to take time to take a walk, take a deep breath, and practice yoga. Make sure you have enough sleep. Don’t be shy about discussing our concerns with your family or pressure. You may also be a member of a support group that can help encourage you.

2. Overcoming mental problems

Mental health problems like depression and fear are common in people with hepatitis C. However, there are a number of ways you can do this. Indeed, mental problems can also have the effect of side effects of drugs consumed by people with hepatitis C. For example, interferon can make us feel depressed, confused, emotionally unstable, and difficult to concentrate.

Antidepressants can help. we can also get help by saying to a psychiatrist or counselor.

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3. Overcoming the stigma about hepatitis C

People who have hepatitis C often feel a phobia about what different people think about them. Surveys indicate that 74% of people who have hepatitis C assume that different people will assume that they have this disease because they are people who are sick or using illegal drugs. Even though in reality, people don’t think so, instead they are more sympathetic to your situation. Therefore, try to think more positively and talk about the truth with other people so that there is no misunderstanding about your illness.

4. Talk to people as long as you are about your situation

Indeed, that is your right about whether you want to tell your situation to a different person or not. But of course, it cannot be denied that you have to tell the people closest to you, like your family and the people closest to you. Especially those who live near you, because hepatitis C is a disease that can be contagious. It is very urgent to inform them too, so that they can quickly go to the doctor to get further treatment if there is a feeling they are starting to get infected.

Sometimes this announcement actually ends in a fight over the impact of a misunderstanding. Maybe they become phobias near you because they are afraid of contracting. Talk about the truth to avoid misunderstandings, for example:

• The development of hepatitis C in a person’s body at the latest and may not indicate any symptoms for decades, even forever.

• Hepatitis C is a disease that can be overcome. Once there are symptoms we have hepatitis C, quickly undergo treatment.

• Hepatitis C is most difficult to contract with other people, so the risk can be transmitted to people who live near you is very small.

5. Talk to your partner about our hepatitis C

Is hepatitis c curable, Because hepatitis C can spread through sexual intercourse, it is very urgent to negotiate this with your partner. Fortunately, the risk of transmitting hepatitis C through sexual intercourse is very small. It is safer if you use a condom, because condoms can protect your partner from hepatitis C and protect you from different diseases that are sexually transmitted. However, if you are sexually involved with the same partner for long periods of time, the risk of contracting hepatitis C is very small.

Don’t be discouraged by your situation

Most people who have hepatitis C have a long life. Most people who have hepatitis C do not indicate symptoms of hepatitis C for decades, not at all. Maybe even, with us diagnosed with hepatitis C, we are inspired to live healthier and feel your life, physically and mentally.