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over the counter medicine for constipation

over the counter medicine for constipation

over the counter drugs for constipation

If you have ever been bound, you will have tried over-the-counter laxatives. variety of things — as well as a poor diet, physical inactivity and a few medications — will disrupt traditional internal organ operate and cause constipation.

Many safe, effective over-the-counter laxatives area unit out there to treat occasional constipation in a very type of ways in which. However, it’s extremely necessary to browse the label directions rigorously and to use them as directed. Overuse of laxatives might cause serious aspect effects.

Call your doctor like a shot if you have:

•             Bloody stools

•             Severe cramps or pain

•             Weakness or uncommon temporary state

•             Dizziness

•             Rectal hurt

•             Unexplained changes in internal organ patterns

How laxatives relieve constipation

Laxatives add other ways, and therefore the effectiveness of every laxative sort varies from person to person. In general, bulk-forming laxatives, additionally stated as fiber supplements, area unit the gentlest on your body and safest to use long run. Metamucil and Citrucel represent this class.

Here area unit some samples of forms of laxatives. even if several laxatives area unit out there over-the-counter, it is best to speak to your doctor regarding laxative use and which type could also be best for you.

Oral laxatives might interfere together with your body’s absorption of some medications and nutrients. Some laxatives will result in Associate in Nursing solution imbalance, particularly when prolonged use. Electrolytes — that embody atomic number 20, chloride, potassium, metallic element and metal — regulate variety of body functions. Associate in Nursing solution imbalance will cause abnormal heart rhythms, weakness, confusion and seizures.

Before attempting laxatives

How typically you have got a bm varies, however folks unremarkably have as several as 3 internal organ movements on a daily basis to as few as 3 every week. you will be bound if you have got fewer internal organ movements than area unit traditional for you. additionally, constipation might involve stools that area unit tough to pass as a result of they are exhausting, dry or tiny.

However, before turning to laxatives, strive these manner changes to assist with constipation:

•             Eat fiber-rich foods, like wheat bran, recent fruits and vegetables, and oats.

•             Drink many fluids daily.

•             Exercise often.

Lifestyle enhancements relieve constipation for several folks, however if issues continue despite these changes, your next alternative could also be a gentle laxative.

Risks of laxative use

•             Interaction with medications. Your medical record and medications you take might limit your laxative choices. Laxatives will move with some antibiotics, and sure heart and bone medications. browse labels rigorously. If you are not positive whether or not to undertake a specific laxative, raise your druggist or doctor. do not exceed counseled dosages unless your doctor tells you otherwise.

•             Complicating conditions. Laxative use may be dangerous if constipation is caused by a heavy condition, like redness or a internal organ obstruction. If you often use laxatives for weeks or months, they’ll decrease your colon’s ability to contract and really worsen constipation.

•             Precautions for pregnant ladies and kids. do not offer kids below age vi laxatives while not a doctor’s recommendation. If you are pregnant, raise your doctor before victimisation laxatives. Bulk-forming laxatives and stool softeners area unit usually safe to use throughout maternity, however stimulant laxatives could also be harmful.

If you’ve got recently born, consult your doctor before victimisation laxatives. though they are typically safe to use throughout breast-feeding, some ingredients might pass into breast milk and cause looseness of the bowels in nursing infants.

Take laxatives with caution

If you are smitten by laxatives to own a bm, raise your doctor for suggestions on a way to step by step withdraw from them and restore your colon’s aptitude to contract.

Combination laxatives: Check labels rigorously

Some product mix differing kinds of laxatives, like a stimulant and a stool chemical. however combination product do not essentially work additional effectively than single-ingredient product. additionally, they’ll be additional possible to cause aspect effects.

A single-ingredient laxative may go higher for you. browse labels to create positive you recognize what you take, and use with caution.