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15 Simple Ways to Treat High Blood Pressure at Home

High blood pressure treatment at home is one simple way for you who suffers from hypertension. There is no need to go to the doctor, you can also apply healthy that will reduce your hypertension. One of them is what we will discuss in this article. Every adult in the world faces hypertension (also called high blood pressure).

High blood pressure treatment at home


Based on information from Healthcare, some United States adults have high blood pressure. Well, hypertension can improve if accompanied by a lifestyle and periodic healing. Many people are still struggling to find natural remedies for high blood pressure. However, there is no research called herbal as one of the treatment options for blood pressure.

However, we cannot eliminate medicines for health by using medicines that have been prescribed by doctors. After all, there are ingredients that can produce good effects for your blood pressure. Anything? Natural medicine for high blood pressure.

1. Take supplements of omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil)
This healthy fat is found in fish, nuts, vegetables, and supplements. Many studies that use these fatty acids are good for heart health. Based on information from the American Heart Association, research is said that omega-3 fatty acids work for:Lower triglyceridesSlows fat accumulation in the arteriesReduces abnormal heart rateReduce blood pressure

2. Garlic
Garlic is commonly used as one of the food spices that must be present in each dish. However, garlic can be a natural remedy for high blood pressure, you know high blood pressure quick treatment at home. This onion contains sulfur compounds which have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, according to information from the National Institutes of Health, a number of studies indicate that garlic can not reduce blood pressure much.However, garlic can interact with chemical drugs from doctors. Therefore, first consult with our doctor before using garlic as a natural remedy for high blood pressure.

3. Chocolate
Cocoa-based products and rich dark chocolate are antioxidants called flavonoids. In a study from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), people with high blood pressure who ate chocolate 2 times a day for about 2 weeks could improve arterial wall skills to relax. Unfortunately, chocolate does not reduce blood pressure drastically.

4. Cinnamon
A study carried out on mice indicated that cinnamon extract can be a natural remedy for high blood pressure. However, the extract is only given through blood vessels through injections.It is not clear whether cinnamon which is consumed directly can be as effective as the one injected. You can add cinnamon to our food by sprinkling enough into your breakfast cereal, oatmeal high blood pressure emergency treatment at home, even in your coffee.

5. Ginger
Based on information from Heathline, ginger can help control blood pressure. Tests carried out on this fauna show that ginger can improve blood circulation and relax muscles near blood vessels. This is clearly good for a blood pressure situation that is more than the normal limit. However, the effect is not yet known to humans.

6. Relaxation techniques
High blood pressure treatment at home in addition to the spice ingredients, there are different things that can be a natural remedy for high blood pressure. Relaxation techniques can counteract the body’s response to stress, which may help control blood pressure.

7. Meditation
is a concentration exercise that can calm the mind, cool the body, and minimize stress. In a recent study, meditation has been shown to reduce blood pressure in a group of students at high risk of high blood pressure. Yoga This ancient meditation practice combines physical posture, breathing tips, and focus. Yoga can help flexibility and fitness and stress levels. Based on information from NCCAM, research indicates that yoga can minimize heart rate and blood pressure.

8. Fruit and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are full of urgent compounds that have proven effective in controlling blood pressure. Carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, lemons, bananas, and melons are the most effective for reducing blood pressure.

9. Tea
Is also beneficial for minimizing high blood pressure. Examples are ginger tea, cardamom tea, or hibiscus tea.

10. Sesame oil
Sesame oil contains healthy fats to minimize cholesterol in the blood. In addition, the content of antioxidants such as sesamol and sesamin is also useful for managing blood pressure.

11. Honey
This sweet is the most effective way to reduce blood pressure because it is soothing.

12. Spices
Spices like garlic are known to thin the blood and minimize blockages in blood vessels. So its useful to lower your blood pressure.

13. Coconut
Water this healthy drink is known to increase potassium levels in the body which helps to reduce blood pressure. Exercise and pay attention to music. Sports that are organized and draining time to pay attention to music are an effective way to reduce blood pressure. The reason is, these two activities can make you more relaxed.Hypertension can be a silent killer if not treated properly. Therefore, apply the above steps to reduce your blood pressure naturally.

14. Watermelon
Try to pick watermelon each morning high blood pressure remedies at home. Often watermelons are considered a tight summer fruit to be consumed solely for their delicious water content, but can also help reduce blood pressure.An organic compound called citrulline, the first amino acid isolated in 1914 from watermelon; After swallowing, the body can process citrulline into the amino acid L-arginine, which is the precursor to nitric oxide.
To translate.

Citrulline – which is found in watermelon – is processed into arginine – which is basically a chemical building block, which results in the production of nitric oxide.Nitric oxide which arranges many cells and systems in our body. Watermelon does widen blood vessels, which decrease vascular resistance, and instead, at the end it decreases blood pressure.Imagine trying to pump a certain volume of liquid through a small hole versus a wider opening. A wider opening will allow it to flow fluently and easily – this are the same as blood cells. And that’s what watermelons do for you.

15. Reduce salt consumption
Salt is not a problem when it comes to high blood pressure, but the chemical component of sodium. Slightly good, but too little sodium disrupts the equilibrium of fluid in the body.To get rid of the salt superiority of your system, water is collected from the surrounding tissue. A higher volume of fluid causes the heart to work harder to pump blood so that it causes high blood pressure in hindi, in tamil, in urdu, in telugu and at home, and home malayalam. For this reason, minimizing salt consumption to reduce high blood pressure.

Now that’s a few things you can do at home, especially for hypertension sufferers can try simple and practical sudden high blood pressure treatment at home. Let’s try so that we both live healthy lives.