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Straightforward Lower Back Pain Relief

Do you often have lower back pain relief at any time? Are you difficult to sit in one place for a long time? Do you feel intense pain in the lower back? If so, you are likely to experience low back pain (LBP). The pain caused by lower back pain can sometimes be tolerated sometimes not.

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Here are 10 causes of lower back pain that occur in women:

1. Tense muscles
The most common cause of lower back pain in women is tense muscles. Any movement or activity that involves stretching muscles and ligaments can present a risk of back pain.

2. Injury
Injuries to the bones caused by accidents, surgery or other trauma can affect your lower back. Simple things like lifting a heavy object in the wrong way can cause a back injury or if your back is hit by a hard object, it can also cause back pain.

3. Medical conditions
Medical conditions such as arthritis, spondylolistesis, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis and spondylitis can cause lower back pain.

4. Tumor
Tumors that grow near the pelvic area or spine can cause back pain.
5. Ovarian problems
Ovarian cysts are a common problem in women and can cause back pain. Often ovarian cysts cannot be detected because people misread the symptoms that arise and are difficult to distinguish from back pain.

6. Infection
Uterine infection. Bladder infections, appendicitis are examples of infectious diseases that can cause lower back pain. If you experience the disease mentioned above and are followed by unbearable low back pain immediately to go to the doctor or emergency room.

7. Pregnancy
Pregnancy is also one of the causes of back pain in women. When the fetus grows in the mother’s womb, the mother will experience an increase in body weight and will focus on the body’s back on the back. The result is that the muscles in the back area become tense and stiff. This is what causes back pain.

8. Kidney problems
Kidney stones, kidney infections and other kidney problems can cause symptoms of lower back pain. Besides that bleeding in the kidneys can also be the cause of back pain.

9. Body posture
Incorrect body posture and wrong body movements can cause tension in the back muscles resulting in pain.

10. Stress
Stress, depression and nervousness can also cause back pain. Usually back pain occurs when the person experiences stress or depression. If this happens to you, then immediately see a psychiatrist to consult about the symptoms you feel.

Lower back pain relief can be prevented by maintaining good posture, controlling body weight remains ideal, and routine routines. In addition, avoid sitting too long and lifting heavy objects with the wrong posture.

How to Handle Back Pain

There are various ways of handling that can be done so that the pain becomes prolonged, namely:

Stay active

Previously, rest was considered a treatment that might relieve back pain. But now it is believed that a body that does not move actively in the long term actually has a bad effect on the back. Doing light exercise regularly can be the right solution.

Pain relievers

If your pain doesn’t subside and feels unbearable, you can take pain relief medications, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

Vitamin B12

Giving vitamin B12 can be a viable option for treatment of chronic back pain, because some studies suggest reduced pain after vitamin B12 administration. Vitamin B12 is believed to provide benefits in the regeneration of injured nerves such as suppression of the spinal cord.

However, further research is needed on the effects of anti-pain and how vitamin B12 works in treating back pain. Giving vitamin B12 can be combined with antinyeri drugs, such as paracetamol, because it is safe and does not cause adverse effects.

Positive thinking

Relaxation can reduce muscle tension, which helps reduce pain. Patients who are always positive-minded are also proven to recover faster than patients who are always worried about their illness.

Manual therapy

Hot or cold compresses can help relieve pain. Other forms of treatment can also be done by doing therapy in clinics or hospitals, including physiotherapy.

Handling chronic back pain can include a combination of painkillers and one of manual therapy, acupuncture, and taking physical exercise classes.
Very few cases involving spinal surgery. This operation will only be carried out if all of the above methods are not successful.

Lower back pain is a disorder that appears in the community. There are several treatment methods that can be given to patients with low back pain, which is one of the modalities available for the management of various musculoskeletal conditions is Infra Red. The goal of giving Infra Red is to provide relaxation effect on muscles that experience tension, stimulate the nerves, muscles and ligaments, and reduce pain. Then infrared can be given to patients who experience lower back pain relief.