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Shoulder arthritis symptoms are complaints that are often encountered in everyday life. The incidence of shoulder pain in the population is estimated to range between 16-26%.

neck and shoulder arthritis symptoms

Although it sounds trivial, symptoms such as pain, stiffness, and muscle weakness due to shoulder pain can make a person disturbed in sleeping and daily activities – such as eating, dressing, lifting things, and others.

There are several factors that contribute to the occurrence of shoulder pain, such as work – for example building construction workers and people who work in salons, people who often lift heavy objects, do repetitive movements, are often exposed to vibration within a certain period of time, and work with non-ergonomic position.

There are several diseases that cause shoulder pain. The most common disease rheumatoid in young people is a rotators cuff disorder. While what often happens in the elderly is osteoarthritis (inflammation of the shoulder joint).

Rotator Cuff Abnormalities

This disease generally affects young people between the ages of 35-50 years, but can also affect the elderly. This disorder is most often caused by lifting heavy objects and doing repetitive movements, especially if done with the arm position that is often above the shoulder.

In addition to pain, rotator cuff abnormalities also provide symptoms of muscle weakness. Symptoms generally occur in the arm that is not dominant. In addition to work factors, it is alleged that there are also some cases caused by heredity (genetic).

The treatment that must be done first is to rest the affected shoulder. After the symptoms subside, then the patient can return to work and activities as before.

In addition, physiotherapy and corticosteroid injections in problematic areas can also help relieve symptoms. Antinyeri and anti-inflammatory medicines can also be consumed if needed.


Osteoarthritis (OA) is the number one cause of arthritis in the United States. Although the incidence of shoulder osteoarthritis (OA) is not as much as osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee or hip, it is estimated that the incidence of shoulder osteoarthritis (OA) is 32.8% in people over the age of 60.

Treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) is divided into two, namely conventional treatment and surgery. Conventional medicine consists of exercise, physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain medicines, and corticosteroid injections.

Inflammation that occurs in the shoulder is a case of bone abnormalities that often occur in some people. Not a few of them complained of shoulder arthritis symptoms. Movement on the shoulder will usually be larger so that it has the potential to get hurt and have problems. The following is a discussion about shoulder arthritis.

Diagnosis, Causes and Treatment

Shoulder arthritis is a condition caused by various causes, here are some conditions that may be one of the causes you experience inflammation in the shoulder joint:

1. Tendonitis
Joints on the shoulders will feel pain and inflammation can be caused because you experience symptoms of tendonitis. This condition is one of the inflammation that occurs in the tendon. This inflammation is a side effect and also the reaction of the immune system to shoulder injury.

Some of the causes can be because you have been injured while exercising, sitting position that is not right blada, repetitive pressure on the joints, lifting weights with a position that is not comfortable, due to age, or elasticity in the muscles and also joints that begin to diminish.

2. Frozen shoulder
Have you ever heard of various types of bone disease with frozen shoulder conditions, namely disturbance or an attack problem on the shoulder. The symptoms are the joints will feel pain and the part will feel stiff and stiff, so that the shoulder will be difficult to move, and the movement will be very limited. Even in some cases the shoulder will be very difficult to move.

The cause of this condition is because the tissue that forms the capsule and protects the ligament, tendon and shoulder bone will thicken and then will stick around the shoulder and make the shoulder very difficult to move. As a result the movement of the shoulder will be severely disrupted because of this and the tissue part will be thickened similar to the stomach tissue.

3. Cervical radiculopathy
Cervical radiculopasti is one of the conditions of the disorder that occurs in the bone due to a pinched vein or nerve. This disease will usually be characterized by pain that occurs in the shoulder, where the nerve roots will be around the spine will experience damage conditions.

The cause of this condition is caused by an accidental injury, degenerative bone changes, experiencing pressure from a broken bone disc, a very unstable spine, a family health history, a job that will require you to bend over and use the shoulder or because it is influenced by obesity.

4. Rotator cuff injury
Rotator cuff is a group in the muscles and also in the tendon that will circle around the joint, especially the shoulder. His job is as one of the protectors and also the guard on the head bone of the human upper arm especially in the shoulder socket. Joint pain in the shoulder may occur because you have experienced a rotator cuff injury where pain will usually be worse when you are sleeping.

The cause of this condition can be due to tendon tissue that is deficient in tissue, overloads very heavy loads for a long time, repeats the upper part of the body, serious injuries that occur at shoulder arthritis symptoms, due to the age factor that is usually felt in aged 40 years and over, due to certain sports injuries that often move the shoulders such as bisbo, archery or tennis, heredity, work that is indeed very risky as construction workers.

So, what is shoulder joint pain? You can see the type of disease that can trigger joint pain in the shoulder as above. Not only that, information on causes, methods of diagnosis, and also the treatment of each condition can help you to be more alert and act quickly when the shoulder feels severe.