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Causes And Ways to Deal With Arthritis in Fingers Symptoms

There are several arthritis in fingers symptoms such as the fingers feel stiff, the joints of the hand become swollen, and also the fingers are difficult to fold as usual. In addition, other symptoms that might appear are swelling of the knuckles on each morning. Arthritis of the fingers can be caused by repetitive movements of the fingers. It’s just that, this is not always the main cause why the knuckles experience inflammation.

arthritis in fingers and toes symptoms

Have you ever experienced a condition when you wake up early in the morning and the joint area of your fingers feel painful? Or maybe you have experienced pain in the joints of your fingers when you held the steering wheel for too long? If you have experienced these things, you may suffer from inflammation of your finger joints.

There are several factors that can cause inflammation of the fingers. Here are some reasons that are meant:

1. Orteoarthritis in the Hand Section.

The main cause of finger inflammation is ortheoarthritis in the hands. Such conditions will usually cause pain in the three parts of your hand. For example, in the middle of the finger joint, the joint that is closest to the tip of the finger, and also the base of the thumb. Usually a person suffering from ortheoarthritis in the hands will experience some signs such as swollen, stiff fingers, pain, or it can be a lump that appears on the joints that feel pain. Meanwhile, on the back of the finger most likely a cyst will appear that feels quite painful.

2. Rheumatoid Arthritis.

This disease is one type of arthritis. Although it is almost the same, but never equate this disease with ortheoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by an immune system disorder that attacks the body itself. While ortheoarthritis is caused by movement of the joints themselves. Chronic rheumatoid arthritis will cause pain in the fingers and toes. More precisely the pain will be felt on the membranes that wrap around the joint fluid or on your senovial membrane. If the condition continues to be left it will cause swelling which is quite painful and can cause joint deformities, and also erosion in the patient bones.

3. Pirai.

Gout disease may still sound strange to your ears. Pirai is a type of arthritis which is characterized by stiffness, and joint swelling. This disease if left unchecked and does not get medical treatment can cause damage to the joints, tendons, and other parts of the tissue. Unlike rheumatoid arthritis in fingers symptoms which is more common among women, this disease is more common in men.

The pain that appears suddenly in your joints can cause you to be shocked. It’s a good idea to immediately conduct a medical examination and not ignore any form of symptoms you feel. If the problem is not treated promptly, it may cause more serious complications that can interfere with your health.

In addition to the above causes, diabetes is also one of the causes of stiff fingers. Even so, its still not clear, why diabetes can cause your fingers to stiffen.

A stiff finger suddenly might shock you and wonder what really happened. In certain conditions, too long ignoring the condition of a stiff finger can spread to other problems. If you experience stiff fingers and experience some symptoms from the row of causes of stiff fingers above, try to consult a doctor immediately.

When you have joint pain, all your daily activities are disturbed, because of the pain that usually follows this disorder. Here are some tips you can do to deal with joint pain.

arthritis in fingers symptoms
1. Maintain a normal weight.

A Canadian study reported that those who are obese are three times more likely to perform knee joint surgery than those who have normal weight. ”People who are overweight and lose weight around 5 kg have been shown to halve the risk of developing knee osteoarthritis over the next 10 years, ” said Dr. Sarah Brewer of LQ Liquid Health Joint Care. According to him, yoga and pilates are a good way to improve joint health.

2. Consumption of healthy fats.

According to Bonita S. Libman, MD, Associate Professor of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology at the University of Vermont, omega-3 fatty acids can play a role in relieving pain in the joints.You need a fairly high daily dose (2,000 to 3,000 milligrams) to relieve pain in the joints. You can get this natural healthy fat from salmon.

3. Enough sleep.

Studies show that lack of sleep can cause a person to experience a variety of pain, including joint pain. Unfortunately, for people with arthritis, sleep is a challenge, because joint pain can wake him from sleep.

4. Try not to fall.

As you get older, you should prevent any activity that risks allowing you to fall. If you have experienced arthritis, then this pain will make one’s body easily shaky and risk allowing you to fall. If this happens, the pain sensation will become a lot more damage to the joint.However, should you suffer joint, try to keep sleeping with quality.

5. Avoid stress.

If you are experiencing knee pain or joint pain, stress can make your joint pain worse. Many people with joint feel deeper pain because of tense muscles.

6. Don’t repeat movements too often

All activities that you do every day can cause joint pain, especially when you do repetitive joint movements. According to Jamal A. Mikdashi, MD, professor of medicine from the University of Maryland Medical Center, the condition of a truck driver’s spinal osteo arthritis in fingers symptoms can get worse due to his daily tasks.Resting and stretching is believed to help you work better.