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Arthritis In Fingers Treatment Methods

Joints are elements of the musculoskeletal system. Arthritis in fingers treatment at the same time, slight damage to cartilaginous tissue without proper treatment at the time may result in loss of joint or complete mobility, the development of more complex pathologies. Especially unpleasant if, rather than treating the symptoms, depending on the development of their symptoms.

Arthritis in fingers treatment

The initial report on the Registration of National Arthritis Inflammation (NIAR) in 2010 reported only 3.9 percent of biological use for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) treatment.

A report by the Malaysian Rheumatology Association shows that overall shopping jellyfish in 2005 for treatment of inflammatory and rheumatic diseases amounted to RM50.7 million in fifth place in the most prescriptive collection of drugs and formed 7.8 percent of the top 40 drugs prescribed in Malaysia.

In Europe, more than 2.9 million people experience RA where they are working individuals. Overall, every three individuals with RA have no effort to work when 40 percent are forced to quit their work after five years.

Rheumatology negotiator, Rimeay Sime Darby Medical Center, Dr. Raveendran Ramachandran said, so that now the disease is still failed to be detected.
“RA is an auto immune disease that applies when the body’s immune system experiences renewal and starts attacking the joints of the patient so that it can cause damage. The body’s immune system attacks the joints of all patients, especially the wrists and legs, knees and all fingers.

“Continuous immune system attacks may cause the joints to become inflamed, swollen and damaged so that they alter the origin of the member in the associated joint. At the same time, it attacks other organs such as the lungs, bloodstream and nervous system, “he said when met at the launch of Remsima biosimilar monoclonal antibodies that provide better access for RA patients in Malaysia, recently.

According to Dr Raveendran, awareness and knowledge about RA is still low. Usually patients do not ignore the symptoms of the disease because they think that they have common joint pain. They only get treatment if the pain gets worse.

“The first time I heard of this disease, it might be crowded to think that he was sick normally due to an increase in age. However, the response is not correct because RA attacks anyone, not to mention the age ranks of children and infants.

“Individuals with arthritis will experience pain, swelling and spasms in the joints, especially in the hands, feet and knees. For arthritis In addition to symptoms of pain and subsequent impressions of life’s well-being, RA is a long-term illness that imposes patients from an economic standpoint, “he said.

Budgeted five of 1,000 individuals in Malaysia and 23.7 million individuals around the world suffer from RA. It is a serious and progressive disease that can cause joint damage that cannot be restored.

Although RA may attack all age ranks, it usually applies to environments 40 to 70 years old and attacks two to three times more women than men.
RA patients have a more shocking level of function than those who have osteoarthitis and are about six times more likely to bear medical treatment than those who do not have arthritis.

The joint is attacked experiencing deep and around bone damage. There is no arthritis in fingers treatment special treatment to cure this disease. swollen finger joints not arthritis Patients need treatment that is not only to deal with pain and inflammation, but also to curb the progression of the disease.

Even more cool, RA is also associated with other diseases including cardiovascular disease, outbreaks of germs and mental health problems.
Sunway Medication Rheumatology Center negotiator, Dr Chow Sook Khuan also said, among RA symptoms is pain in the joints, especially the fingers, swollen joints and feels hot when touched.

If symptoms like arthritis are manifested as having finger movements, swollen joints, changing their shape, sharp pain, you need to go to the doctor immediately. Only he can make a diagnosis, after causing a cause of illness – trauma or outbreak, – and determine the treatment method.
Only a doctor determines how beneficial treatment is by popular medicine. The remedies provided at home, although not aggressive, such as drugs, also have contraindications.

Treatment of arthritis of the fingers at home is often done by taking drugs in it. Drinks from marigold help well, because these plants have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. To provide this medicine, you need to take 2 large blades. l. plant flowers, put them in a thermos and confirm 15 minutes. You need 250 ml 3 times a day to take medication.

It is very useful to drink drinks from dried cowberry leaves. It is desirable to take 2 large blades. l. plants are crushed, pour with boiling water (0.5 liters), boil for 15 minutes, then strain and take 3 times a day for 100-150 ml. Pumpkin milk is a good help to get rid of arthritis. He needs to peel 20 seeds of the fetus, pour it with lukewarm water (500 ml), confirm it for 10 hours, and after swelling the tension is tight.

Onwards, the seeds need to be cut in a mixture and pour porridge with milk. Then the mixture should be divided into 2 parts: in the morning take the first, and after 2-3 hours after dinner – the second. Such therapy needs to last for 14 days, only every day to make a fresh mixture.
To get rid of arthritis of the hands, treatment must be done always by taking vitamin foods.

For example, juice and carrots mixed with a 1: 1 ratio are very useful. You need to drink 100 g three times a day for 30 to 45 minutes before eating. It is useful for taking chamomile tea. He needs to take 10 g of plant flowers, pour 200 g of boiling water, leave for absorption for 35 minutes. Then the drink must be eaten three times a day for 10 g each reception.

Every day on an empty stomach is recommended to drink water, where potatoes are boiled. In addition, you can eat 2 raw potatoes, but after sweeping them. Very useful is garlic. He is expected to take 5 heads of vegetable veg, clean, blend, and then pour 0.5 l vodka.

This mixture for arthritis in fingers treatment needs to be placed in a warm and dark place for 10-12 days. After the specified period it is justified to take 30 minutes before eating. Various intakes – three times a day.